Our Story



The Family Center began in 1998 when a group of parents decided Belchertown needed something special for the young children in town.  The Family Center started as a one morning per week, volunteer-run playgroup with a handful of families meeting in a church basement.  The Family Center now has a permanent location where almost 200 families enjoy the center five times a week.  Although the Family Center has grown tremendously since its inception, it is still run almost entirely by volunteer support. 

The Family Center is primarily a family cooperative which receives funding through a grant from the Collaborative for Educational Services, town funding for utilities, private donations, and fundraisers.  We operate as a non-profit organization.  We are always in need of volunteers to help on committees and for fundraising.  If you are willing and able to donate your time, please join us.  Volunteers meet at least once per month to plan the activities of the Family Center.  Thousands of volunteer hours are donated each year to provide a great service and resource to the community.

     Volunteers & Funding

In an effort to keep the Family Center up and running, a $5.00 per visit donation is appreciated.  However, the center is open to all families with children ages 0-6, regardless of the ability to donate.

If you would like more information about the Family Center or have a skill, talent, or belong to an organization that would like to offer services to us, please contact  Lori Allen, Director of the Family Center at 835-5201.

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