Belchertown Community TV

bctv building

Belchertown Community Television (BCTV)


Mission Statement


The purpose of Belchertown Community Television is to operate Community Channels 191, 192, and 193 on the cable television system in Belchertown. BCTV provides training and technical assistance in the use of video production equipment, access to video resources, and time on the access channels. Facilities are available for the production and presentation of live or taped programming of interest to the Belchertown community. BCTV’s role is to provide resources, training, and assistance while remaining content-neutral regarding their use.


We continue to broadcast a wide range of government, community, and educational programs of interest to Belchertown. We also continue to be in need of volunteers. What we can produce is limited to the time these volunteers are available; more volunteers equals more local programming.


 Brief History


Upon the untimely death of Andre Michaud who began Channel Five services in Belchertown, the Belchertown Board of Selectmen appointed Daniel Fitzpatrick, a sitting selectmen, to take responsibility for Belchertown Community Access Television, to expand it services, and to improve the resources available to carry out BCTV’s mission.


This Daniel Fitzpatrick did from 1995 until he passed the “baton” to Lew Louraine on June 11, 2001. Dan took BCTV from one hand-me-down camera to a complete TV studio, live video ports throughout the community, a secure revenue stream, a solid core of volunteers, and a philosophy that has sustained us. Dan has shows the way – it is up to us to continue and follow his example.


The current managers of BCTV, Peg and Lew Louraine started as volunteers along with Dan Fitzpatrick in May 1997. Their first show was the Graduation Ceremony at BHS.




Lewis Louraine – Station Co-Manager
Peg Louraine – Station Co-Manager
Frank Lomanno – Information Technology Manager