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Lake Wallace Sensory Trail 

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Be part of the trail!  The Lake Wallace Sensory Trail is the beginning of an eventually town-wide Belchertown Heritage Trails Network.  The Lake Wallace Sensory Trail is to be fully accessible linking Jessica's Boundless Playground to Foley Field.  This is the core of the coming network and will directly connect to the redevelopment of the former State School, known as Carriage Grove.  Please contribute to our grant match and spread the word!!  

The Learning Landscape - Lake Wallace Trail Design Study
November 2017

Lake Wallace/Foley Field/Carriage Grove Conceptual Trail Plan  

Spring 2017

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Final 2016 Design and Resilience Team analysis and recommendation report found here:  
DART Report


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USGS map of Belchertown before Quabbin northwest (1893)
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