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Welcome to the


 Town Hall, 2 Jabish Street, Room 206  

OFFICE HOURS:   Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM


Director of Assessments 
John G. Whelihan

Board of Assessors
Thomas A. Barry, Chairman
Raymond G. Goff, Vice Chairman
Donald L. Minney, Clerk

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 515, Belchertown, MA  01007

 Telephone:  (413) 323-0413 
Fax:  (413) 323-5717

For Questions on Motor Vehicle Excise Abatements: 
Jennifer Benoit -  Ext. 310

         Application for Motor Vehicle Excise Abatement - CLICK HERE         
(PLEASE EMAIL applications with supporting documentation

directly to OR FAX to 413-323-5717)

For Questions on Deeds, Ownership, or Mapping:
Kayleigh Goodrow -  Ext. 311 

For Questions on Property Tax Exemption Applications;
Chapter 61, 61A, 61B: 
Andrea Filipkowski -   Ext. 313

For Personal Property; Valuation Questions:
Zak Bombard -  Ext. 312

For Valuation Questions and Any Other Questions:
John Whelihan -   Ext. 314

Official Assessment Responsibilities
Official Administrative Responsibilities
Public Information Policies and Fee Information
Form and Application Deadlines

FY2022 Tax Rate - $17.66

 Assessment data is now on-line.  CLICK HERE.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Board of Assessors:

Three Year (Overlapping) Terms; Three Members;
Meetings are held twice monthly as posted.

     Official Assessment Responsibilities       

     Classify and determine "full and fair cash value" of all real and personal property according to Massachusetts General Law (Chapter 59).

Review and act upon all real and personal property abatement applications.

  • Process all motor vehicle abatement requests.
  • Review and process all exemption applications for qualifying elderly, widowed, blind or disabled veteran citizens.
  • Review all applications for accuracy regarding tax incentives for land used for recreational, forestry or agricultural purposes.
  • According to Department of Revenue mass appraisal standards, implement a revaluation of the Town's real and personal property, every three years.  


Official Administrative Responsibilities 

  • Maintain property records concerning all structures and residencies including: building area, number of bedrooms and baths, condition and type of heating system.
  • Update the Town's Assessor Maps, which contain information such as parcel numbers, and land area.
  • After committing the yearly assessments and tax amounts to the Tax Collector for billing purposes, the Assessors must generate a copy of the tax commitment and make it available for public inspection.
  • The Assessors must maintain and store all applicable public records including: property record cards, ownership and deed information, betterment records, exemption records, real estate records, personal property and excise records, and property sales.
  • Provide relevant information such as "new growth" to the Department of Revenue, Town Accountant, and Select Board in order for the tax rate to be set timely.


Public Information Policies and Fee Information


                                    For Telephone Inquiries:                                 

 The following information may be obtained by telephone-    

  • Owner name and mailing address
  • Parcel identification number
  • Land area
  • Deed book, deed page, deed date
  • Tax rate
  • Property Valuation 

For Office Inquiries: 

  • Copies of deeds are available in the office, but are also available at the Registry of Deeds in Northampton, MA; or online at (Hampshire County)
  • Plans and surveys are available in the Belchertown Planning Board Office or Registry of Deeds in Northampton, MA.
  • Property Record Cards
  • Tax Maps (11x17)

  We can mail or email copies upon request. 

Abutter's Lists:  

There is a $25.00 fee for a certified abutter's list for a specified parcel.  This fee must be received before the list is prepared.  The Assessors have up to ten days to respond to a written request.

Abutter's List Request Form


 Form and Application Deadlines  

February 1st
Real and personal property applications for abatement  

March 1st
3ABC Application Forms for Charitable Property owners
Personal Property "Form of List" 

April 1st
Personal exemption applications are due by April 1, OR 3 months after the mailing of the 3rd quarter (actual) tax bills, if later.

 July 1st
(Beginning of the Fiscal Year):

Deadline to Submit Ch. 61/61A Forest Plans to State Forester
Filing of personal exemption applications begins

 By October 1st

Chapter 61 applications + forest plan certificates -
New/ renewal due in Assessors Office

 Chapter 61A Agricultural/Horticultural applications due
Chapter 61B Recreation applications due