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2011 Campaign Finance Reports10 documents

  • Brenda Aldrich
  • Ronald Aponte
  • George Archible
  • James Barry
  • Belchertown Political Action Committee
  • Clapp for Community - Yes!
  • Kenneth Elstein
  • Richard Fritsch
  • William Huber
  • Matthew Jackson

2012 Campaign Finance Reports5 documents

  • Ronald Aponte
  • Kenneth Elstein
  • Gerald Grasso
  • William Huber
  • Donald Minney

2013 Campaign Finance Reports2 documents

  • Myndi Bogdanovich
  • Thomas Soja

2014 Campaign Finance Reports5 documents

  • Dawn E French
  • Michael J Knapp
  • James Wilbur Quirk
  • Colleen K Toothill Berte
  • David T Vacchi

2015 Campaign Finance Reports6 documents

  • Colleen Toothill Berte
  • Donna M Lusignan
  • Nicholas J O Connor
  • Ronald E Aponte
  • Sean Michael Gallagher
  • Tirrell amended

2017 Campaign Finance Reports5 documents

  • Keep A Strong Hampshire Council Of Governments Committee.pdf
  • Carla Dell'Olio.pdf
  • Heidi Gutekenst.pdf
  • Jeffrey Charron.pdf
  • Randi Shenkman.pdf

2018 Campaign Finance Reports9 documents

  • Belchertown Citizens for Responsible Land Use.pdf
  • Brian T. Gibbons.pdf
  • Diane O. Brown.pdf
  • Edward Boscher.pdf
  • Gail Gramarossa.pdf
  • Heidi Gutekenst.pdf
  • James W. Quirk.pdf
  • James W. Quirk.pdf
  • Lamikco Twanet Magee.pdf

2019 Campaign Finance Reports3 documents

  • Belchertown Citizens for Responsible Land Use.pdf
  • Committee to Elect Jen Turner.pdf
  • Keep a Strong Hamp Council of Gov Comm.pdf