Stormwater Utility Information & Applications

Please review the information below for more information about Belchertown's Stormwater Utility
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Utility Regulations
Request for Abatement Form - (Word) (PDF)
Credit Program - Being Developed

Request to appeal an abatement decision
(see Utility Regulations, §[K][2] for full details.) If you received a denial to your request for abatement, and you believe it was in error, you have 30 days from the date of the written decision to file an appeal with the Select Board. Upon filing a Notice of Appeal, the Conservation Department shall share with the Select Board all documents pertaining to the decision. The Select Board will set a hearing date, and render a written decision within 10 days of the conclusion of the hearing date. For additional details, please see the Stormwater Utility Regulations, section (K)(2) linked above. 
Form to request an appeal of an abatement decision: (Word)(PDF)

Stormwater Utility Presentation by Fuss & O'Neil

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