Stormwater Applications and Information


Please note there have been recent changes in the submission requirements as highlighted below for stormwater permits:

Application Submittal, Review, and Approval Procedures
  1. Application Submittal: Three hard copies and one digital copy of an application to the Belchertown Conservation Commission for a Stormwater Management Permit should be submitted after obtaining a well permit and septic permit (if applicable), and concurrently with any other land use permit applications issued by the Conservation Commission or Planning Board, as necessary. A stormwater management permit must be issued prior to any land altering activity under the jurisdiction of the Belchertown Stormwater Management Bylaw. Submission to the Town Clerk is no longer necessary. Submission of an application should be made to the Belchertown Conservation Commission, 2 Jabish Street, P.O. Box 670, Belchertown, Massachusetts, 01007-0670 &
Stormwater Management Application
Stormwater Management Application Checklist
Stormwater Management Bylaw
Stormwater Management Regulations (promulgated under the Bylaw)
Stormwater Management Fact Sheet