Mission Statement

To proactively monitor Telecommunications Service Providers with regard to their compliance under contracts with the Town of Belchertown, and with any Federal or State regulations.

To periodically provide a public forum in which representatives of the Telecommunications Service Providers, Town Officials, Town Residents and the Media may meet to discuss the operations of the Telecommunications Service Provider(s) and wherein all sides may be fairly heard.

To comment on state and/or federal legislation, or any proposed state and/or federal legislation as affects Telecommunications Service Provider operations and customer service issues, and to proactively seek changes in such legislation as may benefit the Town, its residents, and service subscribers.

  • Consumer Rights and Customer Service
  • Consumer Privacy Issues
  • First Amendment Issues – Unregulated Access
  • Right of Access by All – No Poverty Lines
  • The Opening of Fiber Lines to ALL Telecommunications Service Providers

To participate in the development of Subscriber Surveys as shall be put out by the Telecommunications Service Provider(s).

To investigate, and help resolve customer complaints.

To evaluate proposed Agreements and Contracts as put forth to the Town by any Telecommunications Service Provider seeking to provide service within the Town, and to make recommendations to the Board of Selectman regarding such proposals.

To proactively research and evaluate Telecommunications Service Providers whose services may benefit the Town and its residents.

To make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen, and any other Department and Committee as might be affected by, or benefit from, such other services.

To work with those other Departments and Committees and other Telecommunications Service Providers, as might be appropriate.