Annual Report

Annual Report 2009


The Committee focused on the follow up to the contract with Charter Communications, which was signed November 2007. Since this contract is only five years in length, we have been making plans for the next rounds of negotiations with Charter. As part of that effort, we met with Charter's Government Relations Liaison. Our attention will also turn to broader technology issues for the Town in the upcoming year.

The Town will receive over $375,000 over the life of the license of our previous contract. The contract term is for five years, as opposed to, the normal ten year contracts. With pending cable legislation in Federal and State Government, the Committee believed five years gave us the necessary time to react to any new legislation.  We also felt that technology changing so rapidly that a ten year license could be seriously outdated and constrain the Town by the expiration date.
Our contract is coming up for renewal, as we are in the  third year of our five year contract. In order to better prepare for our next series of contract talks with Charter, we invited Charter's Government Relations Liaison, Tom Cohan, to meet with the Committee. Mr Cohan is new to this position and the Committee wanted to touch base, as we will be dealing him in the upcoming months We met on November 19, 2009 at the channel 5 studios and discussed a range of topics.

One of the major discussion points was the status of Charter's bankruptcy and its resolution. Tom assured us that Charter was able to resolve the issues surround this matter, and no disruption in service is expected. We discussed the upcoming contract and new technologies for the future. We both agreed that we have sufficient time to look into this further. Another topic was Charter's stand on the net neutrality bill in Congress. It was unclear from our conversations that Charter will support this measure.