How to apply for housing

How to apply for housing with the Belchertown Housing Authority

You must fill out an application to be considered for housing. Please visit to apply. There are no apartments currently available as we work off of a wait list, per state regulations.

Programs available at the Belchertown Housing Authority (BHA) are:
Non-Elderly Handicapped
Family housing 

For the Elderly and Non-Elderly Handicapped programs here at BHA, we have 1 bedroom units. The family program has 2, 3 & 4 bedroom units. If you need assistance in filling out the application please call our office at (413)323-4064. If we are unable to answer your call please leave a message on our automated answering service and we will return your call.

When your application nears the top of the waiting list for the type of housing for which you applied, you will be contacted for further information to verify the information already provided; such as, identity, income, personal and landlord references, and verification of any priority or preferences for which you may have applied (veteran, local, emergency).