About Us

The Belchertown Fair & Parade are run by a volunteer committee of 9 members who meet throughout the year and organize all aspects of the fair & parade. The Committee seats are currently full. The Committee is responsible to fundraise for 100% of all expenses associated with the fair and parade. The Committee is supported by countless volunteers who donate time, goods, services, and expertise. The Committee meets once per month throughout the year and twice per month during the summer at Freedom Hall / The BCTV building at 60 State St, Belchertown, MA 01007.

Mark Nute  Chair/Grounds & Equipment Email: mnute94497@aol.com
Carla Chaisson Treasurer  Email: cmd1986@comcast.net
Loni Austin Parade Coordinator/Grounds Email: lonigrace@yahoo.com
Cindy Brown Booth Space Coordinator & Scheduling Email: btrike@aol.com
Kerri Laurenzo Committee Email:
Scott Brown Parade Coordinator/Grounds Email: farmhand1982@gmail.com
Wendy Chevalier Exhibit Hall Coordinator Email: chevalierwendy@yahoo.com
Shawn Lindholm Entertainment Coordinator Email: mrsswede10@msn.com
Bill Austin Director of Agriculture Email: cowtailz1@aol.com