Town Clerk

 Belchertown Town Clerk’s Office

 Contacts:       Colleen Toothill-Berte         Phone:  (413) 323-0281
                                Town Clerk                                Fax:      (413) 323-0107
                              Theresa Camerlin                        

                              Asst. Town Clerk                            

Address:      Town Hall                       
                          2 Jabish St., Room 201  
                          P.O. Box 629                   
                         Belchertown, MA  01007

Our office remains staffed daily.  Please feel free to email or call with any concerns.

Marriage licenses are being issued, Monday-Friday 8:15am - 12:30pm, for residents only, by appointment only.
Notary services are suspended until further notice. 

A drop box has been installed near the ramp entrance to Town Hall. This may be used for any payments or documents for any department in Town Hall.  

Board of Registrars:
Appointment and Term of Office:
Massachusetts General Laws require that in every city and town there exist a Board of Registrars consisting of the city or town clerk and three other persons who, in a town, are appointed by the Select Board. 

Current Board of Registrars: 
Name                                               Party                                 Term Expiration Date
MaryCatherine Knight                  R                                              March 31, 2022
Carla Dell'Olio                                 D                                            March 31, 2023
Nancy Wright                                   D                                            March 31, 2024

Each member of the Board of Registrars, or a Registrar of Voters, is appointed for a three year term. As nearly as possible the members of the board shall represent the two leading political parties. The Town Clerk need not be enrolled in a political party.

Registrars assist the Town Clerk's office in promoting voter registration, maintaining voter registration, certifying signatures on nomination papers and petitions, certifying absentee voter applications, investigating challenges to local nomination papers, conducting recounts, assisting in the preparation of the street list, and being present at all elections as part of the reporting process. 

Town Meeting scheduled for May 10, 2021 has been moved to Saturday, June 12, 2021 beginning at 9am at the Belchertown High School.  Further details will be posted as decisions are made in regards to the meeting.

Annual Town Election will be held on May 17, 2021 at the Belchertown High School Gymnasium from 8am - 8pm.  All Covid-19 precautions will be in place as they were in 2020.  The entrance will be by the Tennis Courts.

March 16, 2021, MGL Chapter 5 of the Acts of 2021 was signed by Governor Baker.  Subsection c allows for early vote by mail for municipal elections held on or before June 30, 2021.
Therefore, early vote by mail will be allowed for the upcoming May 17, 2021 election. Applications are now being accepted. You can find the application at the link below. Complete and either mail to us or use the drop box located by the ramp entrance to Town Hall.  Applications can also be found attached to the drop box.   2021 Early Vote By Mail Application 

Open Positions for Town Election 5/17/2021:
Board of Assessors - 3yr                            
Board of Health - 3 yr                                 
Housing Authority - 5 yr                             
Planning Board - 5yr                                    
School Committee - 2 positions 3 yr terms each
Select Board - 2 positions 3 yr terms each              
Town Clerk - 3yr             

Click here for a sample ballot for the Town Election                                

Voter Registration info:
Last day to register to vote at the Annual Town Election is April 27, 2021. Last day to register to vote at the Annual Town Meeting is May 21, 2021.   Last day to register to vote at the Special Town Meeting is June 2, 2021. 

You may register to vote at: You may also use this website to check your voter registration status.    If you prefer to register by mail, you may use the following form: 2021 Mail in Voter Registration Form, or call our office and we will mail one to you.

Absentee voters must have an excuse (listed below) to qualify for an absentee ballot:
  • Be away from your city/town on Election Day; or
  • Have a disability that keeps you from voting at your polling place; or
  • Have a religious belief that prevents you from voting at your polling place on Election Day
Click here for an absentee ballot application

 vote - Copy - Copy

Please note that during this Pandemic, decisions and changes are made daily.  We do our best to keep this page updated but feel free to contact us with any questions.

For up-to date information, be sure to like us on Facebook:     

Quick links to:

 Town By-Laws

Precinct Listing

Records Access Information

Absentee Ballot Application



DEC. 1, 2020


License fees:

December 1 - January 31 - $8 Spayed/Neutered  $15 Intact

February 1 - February 29 - $18 Spayed/Neutered  $25 Intact

March 1 - March 31 - $38 Spayed/Neutered  $45 Intact

April 1 - April 30 - $58 Spayed/Neutered  $65 Intact

May 1 - Additional $100 per dog court fees

You can either mail in your renewal form along with the license fee to Town Clerk, PO Box 629  Belchertown, MA 01007, or you can use the drop box at Town Hall. If the rabies vaccination expiration date has expired (date is listed on renewal form) please provide a copy of a current rabies certificate.  We cannot license without a current rabies certificate.

Online Dog Licensing is also now available through a new vendor.  To renew your dog's license online click
You will need your userid and password to log in.  These can be found on the renewal notice that was mailed out to you.  If you have any questions, please contact our office.

If you no longer have your dog, please be sure to notify our office so we can correct the records.  If you have moved within or out of town, also please notify our office so the records may be adjusted with your current address.  

Volunteer to work the Elections

Working the Election is a long and rewarding day. Depending on the election, you can work 15 to 16 hours.  You would start as a checker. The Checker (check-in) is responsible to verify the name and address of the voter from the Voter Registration List - when verified a ballot is given to the voter. Once the ballot is voted, the Checker (check-out) is responsible to verify the registered voters name and address, once verified the voter can cast their ballot.  If you are interested in having your name added to the pool of people who work elections, please send an email with your name, address and telephone # to or mail to:
Town Clerk
P.O. Box 629
Belchertown, 01007-0629

The Town Clerk is responsible for:

Marriage licenses, raffle/bazaar permits, issues dog and kennel licenses, burial permits, business certificates, fuel storage permits.
Serves as the central information point for local residents and citizens at large.
Administers and records all oaths of office.
Posts meetings of all governmental bodies. Responsible for informing all elected, appointed officials and Municipal/School employees of the State's Open Meeting Law and Conflict of Interest Laws.
Responsible for submittal of new by-laws to the State Attorney General for approval.
Records and certifies all official actions of the Town, including town meeting legislation and appropriations, Planning and Zoning Board decisions.
Certifies all notes for borrowing and is the keeper of the Town Seal.
Records all pole locations approved by the Selectmen.
Registers all vital events (births, deaths, marriages and adoptions) occurring within the community.
Records and preserves original vital records providing the basis for the Commonwealth's central vital registration system.
Provides certified copies of vital records and assists with general genealogical research.

As Chief Election Official:
The Town Clerk conducts all town, state and federal elections and certifies nomination papers and initiative petitions.
Assists voters interested in running for public office.
Supervises voter registration and absentee balloting.
Conducts annual town census, annual street lists and assists the Jury Commissioner with the preparation of the jury list.
Assists the Secretary of the Commonwealth with maintaining the Commonwealth's Central Voter Registry.

Raffles and Bazaars
A permit is required for any and all raffles and bazaars that are held.  You must be a non-profit organization in existence for a minimum of 2 years.  Raffle applications are available in the Town Clerk's office Monday-Friday 8am - 5pm.  The fee is $15.00 (see Helpful Links/Forms - Raffle and Bazaar Info for more information)

Annual Census
The Annual Census is conducted in January each year as required by Massachusetts State Law.  You should return it as soon as possible.  If you are a registered voter and you do not return the form, you will be sent a confirmation postcard that asks you to verify your residency status.  If you do not return the postcard, you may be removed from the voter rolls for inactivity, and will need to re-register to vote in future elections.  The census is important for many reasons.  The current population count is the basis for allocation of State and Federal Funds.  Compliance with this State requirement provides proof of residence to protect voting rights, veteran's bonus, housing for the elderly, and many other related benefits.  Also, if you do not return your census, it may affect your voting status.  The town census is the only way the Town Clerk can verify residency.  That is important for school enrollment, the voter's list, and maintenance of updated statistics.

Notary Public - Services currently suspended due to Covid-19

Fishing & Hunting Licenses

NOTE: The Clerk’s Office no longer processes hunting and fishing licenses.  As of January 2012 hunting and fishing licenses will be issued online at and search for fishing/hunting licenses.