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Frequently Asked Questions



     1) How can I pay my bills?

        Payments for various tax bills and sewer charges can be paid by the following options:
         a) By sending a check or money order payable to : Town of Belchertown
                                                                                    c/o Tax Collector
                                                                                    P.O. Box 607             
                                                                                    Belchertown, MA01007-0607

                    -Please include the remittance portion of your bill
                    -To receive a receipt, please include both portions of your bill along with a self-   
                      addressed stamped envelope
               b) Visiting our online payment site

               c) In person, with cash or check, at our office located at: 2 Jabish Street   
                                                                                                     Room 204
                                                                                                     Belchertown, MA 
                    Hours: Mon-Fri 8-5
                    -Please bring all portions of your bill to obtain a receipt.
                  **Note: Effective November 30, 2011, we will be accepting Debit cards, 
                      Mastercard, Visa, and Discover in our office.

 2.  What do I do if my payment is late?

 All amounts owed are due and payable without penalty by the date stated on the  bill and established under the guidelines of Massachusetts General Laws. Please note that not receiving a bill does not negate your liability for the Tax/Charge and any accrued interest and penalties as defined under Massachusetts General Law.
      Percentage of interest charged:
      Real Estate and Personal Property 14%   
      Sewer Use Charges 14%
      Motor Vehicle Excise 12%
      Late payments may also be subject to a $5.00 demand fee.

3.   What is a Municipal Lien Certificate (M.G.L.Chapter 60, Sec. 23)?

This is an official document issued by the collector, which certifies any taxes,       assessments or other charges that constitute a liability on the property as stated on the application received. The certificates are usually requested when there is a sale or refinancing of property.

A fee of $25.00 per assessed parcel is charged, and certificates are completed within 10 business days from receipt of application. 

 4. What is Motor Vehicle Excise tax?
    Motor Vehicle Excise tax is assessed to the Registered Owner(s)     based on motor vehicle  obtained from the MASS DOT-Registry Division.
The tax is calculated at $25.00/1,000 of the manufactured suggested retail.  

  **Do Not Ignore an Excise Tax Bill for a Vehicle you no longer own or   have registered. Your License and Registration privileges can be suspended.       Please contact the Board of Assessors to inquire on a bill adjustment.

For further information on Motor Vehicle excise tax click here

5. Why does the previous owner(s) name appear on my current tax bill with my     name appearing as “care of” on the billing information? 

Pursuant to MGL Chapter 59, Section 11, property assessment is based on ownership as it stands on  January 1st of the calendar year preceding the current Fiscal Year.
For example, if Jane Doe is the property owner on January 1st of 2012, her name will appear on the top line of the billing information for Fiscal Year 2013 (July 2012 through June 2013).



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