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Residental Development Guide




Storm Water Permit for Disturbance Over 10,000 Square Feet (100 x 100)

Refer to By-law




               Possible wetlands within 150 feet of development activity? **


                        NO                                                                  YES


 Contact Conservation Commission to

Determine if site is under jurisdiction –

within 100 feet of any wetland area

(Request for Determination of Application)

         Usual time frame:  3 weeks*

     323-0405     Room 101 Town Hall


            Negative Determination

      Positive Determination

Submit Application for Wetland Permit for approval to

Conservation Commission (Notice of Intent)

Usual time frame:  6 weeks


Contact Health Department to have Perc Test performed.

Time frame:  performed during months of March/April/May – schedule appointments

Board of Health:  323-0406    Mon/Wed/Friday Office Hours  9:00 – 2:00

Submit Well Permit Plans for approval to health officer.

Usual time frame: 1 – 3 days (can take up to 21 days)*


Submit Septic Design/Permit Plans for approval to Board of Health.

Usual time frame: 3 weeks (can take up to 45 days)*




Apply for Building Permit with Building Inspector


Documents Required:

  1. -Approved well permit and copy of well completion report or Town Water Permit

2.  Approved Storm Water Permit

  1. Approved Septic permit or Sewer permit


4.  Surveyed plot plan –will usually come with Septic Design


5.  Energy Code Compliance: use REScheck Version 3.7lb

Download at :  www.energycodes.gov/rescheck


6. Two sets of house plans


7.  Permit from Conservation Commission (Order of Conditions)

Usual time frame:  1 business day (can take up to 30 days)*



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