Admission Process 


There are three main regulations for the Friends Supportive Day Program. As we are a support program, not a medical program, they are requirements for potential participants

  1.  Participants must be continent or be able to manage their incontinents independently.

  2.  Participants must be able to self medicate. Staff can remind but can not administer or be responsible for medication.

  3. Participants must be able to bathroom independently. We can make sure participant is safely in the bathroom only.

There are forms that need to be filled out and returned to the senior center. We also require a medical form to be filled out and signed by the physician.

The coordinator of the program needs to have the opportunity to meet the perspective applicant. It is recommended that the applicant have an opportunity to visit the senior center and casually meet the group. It is not uncommon that a senior is apprehensive about attending or simply does not want to come at all. That is something we can help you work out and is usually only an initial reaction.

A decision will be made as promptly as possible.

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