How to apply for housing

How to apply for housing with the Belchertown Housing Authority

You must fill out an application. The application we use is the Universal STANDARD Application for State-Aided Public Housing. Applications can be printed from the Resources page on this website or they are available at our office location. As stated on the first page of the application, incomplete applications will not be processed. Please be sure to read all of the instructions on the application, and to answer every question. If a question is not applicable, please write N/A.

Here at the Belchertown Housing Authority (BHA) we only have Elderly, Non-Elderly Handicapped, and Family housing programs. Therefore you must select one of those three options for Question#2 on the application. We do not have  MRVP, AHVP, or Section 8 housing here at BHA. We also only have 1 bedroom apartments for the Elderly and Non-Elderly Handicapped program here at BHA. Therefore you can not apply for more than one bedroom on Question#8 for those two programs. We also do not have any 1 bedroom apartments for the Family program.

If you are applying for Emergency Housing you must designate this on the application for Question#3. You must then also fill out an Emergency Application and provide the required documentation for the Emergency priority that you are claiming (as stated on the first page of the application).

If you are applying for Veteran Preference (Question#5) you must submit a copy of the Veteran's Department of Defense Form DD214 with your application.

For Question#18 you must list each address for all adult household members for the last five years. Even if during the same time period some household members did not live together, you must list both/all addresses. If you need more room than the three spaces provided you should attach additional copies of page 6 of the application, or use an additional sheet of paper and provide all of the same information. If you've owned your own home for the last 5 years or more you still must list the address of that home, designate who owns the property, and include the dates that you've resided there. Question#15 also asks if you own any real estate, you would also list the home there.

For Question#22 you must designate an Emergency reference. This should be a relative or trusted friend who will not be living with you. We would only contact this person in case of an emergency which is why this information is required. Please do not forget to read the Applicant's Certification on page 8 and sign and date the bottom on the designated line.

In addition to the Standard Application, it is also required that you fill out/sign the Income/Asset/Tax Match Authorization form, the Fair Information Practices Act Statement of Rights form, the CORI Request form, and the Authorization for Release of Information form. These forms are attached to the application copies that we have available at our office or they can be printed off of the Resources page of our website.

In addition to the application and attached forms a copy of the following information must accompany your application. Copies will not be made at our office.
  1. BIRTH CERTIFICATES/GREEN CARD: for all members to live in household
  2.  SOCIAL SECURITY CARD: for all members to live in household
  •  SOCIAL SECURITY (SS, SSI, SSDI) Award letter showing monthly and lump sum payments received.
  • EMPLOYMENT INCOME  Most current year-to-date pay stub showing date of pay period and totals of all income and deductions. 
  • TAFDC Printout from DTA showing breakdown of monthly grant and deductions
  • RETIREMENT FUNDS / ANNUITIES    Statement of disbursement
  • SUPPORT PAYMENTS / ALIMONY Court order exhibiting amount of support, alimony payments. Proof of any variances from the order.
  • CHECKING / SAVINGS    Last six (6) most recent monthly statements. In the case of passbook saving, the book must be updated to the end of the month prior of submittal.
  • STOCKS, BONDS, TRUSTS, IRA’S, LOTTERY WINNINGS, ETC.  Statement of Proof of value and income received
  • REAL ESTATE, LAND AND OTHER PROPERTY OWNED  Must have recent appraisal showing the fair market value. If you have sold or disposed of property within the last three years, we must have verification showing date of sale, amount of sale and disposition of proceeds.
  • COPIES OF PRIOR YEAR US INCOME TAX RETURN All applicants shall submit copies of the prior year's income tax forms including W-2 forms, W-2G forms, and 1099 forms.
Applications are accepted by mail, fax, email, or can be dropped off Tuesday – Thursday from noon to 3:30PM or by appointment. If assistance is needed in completing the application, please contact our office at (413)323-4064 to schedule an appointment.
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