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Full Circle Tai Chi 
Carol Clark                                                carolclark11@mohd.comcastbiz.net
Fit for You ~ Fitness and Wellness Studio
3F Stadler St. (just off Rte. 202, behind Checkers plaza)
Belchertown, MA

Open House ~    Saturday June 15th,  10 am – 2 pm    ~ hope to see you there!!
This is a new studio in Belchertown located just behind the Checkers plaza on Rte. 202, newly owned and operated by Kelly Bergeron.  It’s a beautiful large open room full of windows on 2 walls and mirrors on the other 2, and a nice hardwood floor – a great space for Tai Chi !!

Classes include: Tai Chi forms, QiGong, Tai Chi-robics + more.
Starting June 11, 2013 Tuesday classes will be held at 3:45pm and 5:45pm
$12 drop in, or buy a class card $50 for 5, seniors $7 per class.
All classes are open to everyone – no experience required  ~~~~
Gift Certificates available
1st Tuesday of the month: Full Circle Tai Chi ~ meditation in motion
Simple, gentle, and deeply effective Tai Chi movements and postures, and QiGong (chee gong) exercises, will be blended together and repeated in a seamless sequence allowing you to connect mindbodyspirit into one.  Experience a timeless and boundless state of meditation while moving with the smooth, gentle, and graceful movements of Tai Chi.

Second Tuesday each month:  HealthySelftm  QiGong
QiGong (chee gong)  is a complete and holistic self-healing system “Heal thy Self”     Learn simple yet deeply effective exercises, movements, meditations - moving and stillness (sitting, standing, lying), and visualizations that open and cleanse the pathways (meridians) in both the energetic and physical body for balanced, healthy energy/chi to flow freely.

Third Tuesday each month: Tai Chi ~ Yang style Tai Chi forms
The focus will be on 2 traditional Yang style forms:
1) A Tai Chi/QiGong form which will introduce several basic postures of Tai Chi.  The movements are practiced on both right and left sides, creating a mandala-like pattern that
influences both hemispheres of the brain.
2) The 24 posture short form.  This beautiful and graceful “moving meditation” is a popular form practiced in parks and schools all over China and the world.  In this class, we’ll practice many Tai Chi postures, movements, and exercises, along with many of the essential principles of Tai Chi practice.  Over time, we’ll put the postures together to complete both Tai Chi forms.    

Fourth Tuesday each month: Tai Chi-robics  ~  A high energy, low impact workout!
Borrowing punches, blocks, and kicks from Kung Fu, the ancestor of Tai Chi - along with some great Tai Chi movements, we’ll move through a routine that will work your body from head to toe!

 Fifth Tuesday, when there is one: Tai Chi fundamentals ~ practicing the mechanics + energetics of Tai Chi movements  + QiGong exercises
As a companion to the “meditation in motion” series, we’ll focus on various movements in the routine(s).  We’ll look at both the mechanics and the energetics of these Tai Chi postures, movements, and QiGong exercises.  Sort of a mini workshop!

The health benefits of Tai Chi and QiGong movements are phenomenal even on their own, and when you deliberately apply these energetics, the results can be miraculous.

 For all classes:
Each person will work at their own level ~ there is no pressure ~ only guidance, support, and gentle encouragement creating an atmosphere of self-empowerment and security.  All postures and movements will be modified for each individuals comfort and benefit.

Please wear loose comfortable clothing, socks or cloth Tai Chi slippers, and a smile  : }

 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

 Monday mornings:   South Hadley Senior Center,  10:00 - 11:00 a.m. lots of variety of ages and levels of experience with this lovely group of ladies  
45 Dayton Street, South Hadley   413-538-5041

Wednesday mornings:   Holyoke Senior Center,  10:00 - 11:00 a.m.  (beginner/intermediate)
The new senior center is now up and running on corner of Hampshire & Pine streets, Holyoke, MA  This class is open to everyone and is easy and gentle for seniors, a great variety of ages and experience!      Contact info:   413-322-5625  

Wednesday nights:   Vega Yoga and Movement Arts,  5:30 - 6:30 p.m.  ~  a beautiful space in an old refinished factory building, Holyoke, just off 391, overlooking the canal. 
Contact info:  413.519.4966   www.vegayoga.com

Thursdays:   Belchertown Senior Center,  1:30 – 2:30 pm  all ages and all levels welcome
60 State Street (Rte. 202),  Belchertown,  MA  01007  what a wonderFULL and enJOYable group of people there!  And talk about variety!!  Contact info:   413-323-0420   speak with Susan Bressette

Thursdays:   Pilates Flex & Fusion Fitness Studio, Tai Chi  *8:30 – 9:30 am (beginning June 6) & 5:30 – 6:30 pm  beginner/intermediate   (all classes are open to everyone – no experience required)  A beautiful little studio, easy to get to at 183 West State street, Route 202, Granby MA  (formerly Stretch Yoga)  For more info visit:   www.pilatesflexandfusion.com  or contact me directly

FOR ALL CLASSES:  all postures and movements will be modified for each individuals comfort and benefit.  Each person will work at their own level ~ there is no pressure ~ only guidance, support, and gentle encouragement creating an atmosphere of self-empowerment and security.

And as always, I am available for private and/or semi-private instruction:
- private sessions: $25/hour my studio ($30 elsewhere)
- semi-private: (2 / 3 people) $20.00 each my studio ($25.00 elsewhere)
Healthy Self   Tai Chi & QiGong    Half day and full day workshops are also available.
If you wish to host a workshop, we need a minimum of 5 people. 
(maximum # of people is 20, or depends on the size of the space)
half day:  9:30 – 11:30 or 1:30 - 3:30
full day:  10:00 - 12:00, 1:00 - 4:00

 “ Heal thy Self ”
please contact me directly for more info and to set up a “funshop”

Life can be challenging on many levels and it is my goal to offer tools for focusing, refining, and anchoring in the higher vibration that comes with transformation.  Keeping one’s balance, especially during deep change, is challenging ~ and essential ~ and we are ALWAYS + ALL WAYS changing.

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