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Snuggle Up ~ Heat/Cold

Snuggle Ups - Heat and Cold Solutions

Snuggle Ups                                     Email:  SnuggleUps08@gmail.com
Designed and Crafted by Wendy
Phone:  413-636-8120

bagReuseable microwave heating bags - completely washable, completely refillable, unscented but interchangeable with scents for optional use.  Heat in mirowave for 2 minutes for snuggling, warming up your bed, soothing aches and pains, stress releaf, warming hands or feet.  Keep in freezer for headaches, backaches, toothaches, and all boo, boos. 

Come in several sizes, a wide variety of colors and styles.  Call Wendy for more information.  Affordable comfort that lasts - a little touch of heaven.
ALSO - Sold at The Vintage Barn, 401 Mill Valley Road in Belchertown - Wednesday through Saturday  10am - 2pm.

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