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Pulbic Library in Belchertown

Clapp Memorial Library                www.clapplibrary.org
Phone (413) 323-0417                 E-mail: clapp@cwmars.org

The Clapp Memorial Library is a popular and dynamic community resource which strives to satisfy the need for high quality, comprehensive public library services in areas that are among the most important to the Belchertown community.   Our library will:

  •  provide materials and offer services which promote the development of individual learning strengths in our youngest patrons and prepare their parents and teachers to nourish and sustain this development
  •  provide an ample collection of topical materials together with a range of reference services selected and designed to meet the general information needs of our patrons.
  • offer a variety of current, popular materials together with corresponding services specifically selected and designed to satisfy the need for relaxation, recreation and reflection among our patrons.
To satisfy these patron needs the Clapp Memorial Library offers a wide range of resources in a variety of formats, and provides a number of public library services. These resources and services are selected and delivered by a cordial, competent staff that fully supports the fundamental mission of the Clapp Memorial Library--to completely satisfy your public library needs in a manner that might entice you to visit your Library more often.

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