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The Knockout Project exists to raise awareness about the dangers of concussion. Through personal histories of people who’ve been affected immeasurably by concussion, we hope to show the end result of ignoring concussion symptoms, or worse yet, not paying attention to proper healing protocols once the diagnosis of concussion has been received. The people involved with The Knockout Project have paid a heavy price for dismissing the severity of concussions and we hope that you will heed our warnings. We were athletes. We thought we were invincible. This happened to us and it can happen to you.

The Knockout Project also exists to leverage uniformity and expand healing protocol information that is dispensed to patients by health care providers. This includes busy emergency rooms using the “treat them and street them” approach as well as physicians releasing fresh concussion patients without any mention of  full cognitive rest. We hope to accomplish this by fighting for consistent concussion CME’s at the hospital and primary care level that result in uniform, information-rich discharge protocol for those diagnosed with concussions.

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